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Cold Plates

Sexy Salmon Poke 11.95

Diced fresh salmon mixed with seaweed salad & spicy sauce

Martini Tuna Poke 12.95

Diced fresh tuna mixed with seaweed salad & spicy sauce

Yellowtail Jalapeno 16.95

Sliced yellowtail, cilantro, garlic chip, jalapeno with yuzu ponzu

Orange Salmon 15.95

Sliced salmon, mandarin orange, finely chooped apple, caper with carpaccio sauce 

Shooter 7.95

Quail egg, tobiko, scallion, homemade sake ponzu with your choice of either oyster or sea urchin

Oyster 16.95

Oysters on the half shell with kenji onion salsa

Sashimi Appetizer 17.95 (6pcs)

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail

Hirame Carpaccio 15.95

Sliced Korean halibut, finely chopped apple and pear, capers with white truffle ponzu

Hokkaido Scallop Tiradito 16.95

Special Hokkaido scallop, cilantro with spicy lime sauce

Japanese Nacho 15.95

Kenji special seasoned fish – mix served with lightly fried gyoza skin chips

Wagyu Tataki 29.95

Seared wagyu, micro green, fresh wasabi with carpaccio sauce

Albacore Tataki 15.95

Seared albacore, fried onion, fresh wasabi with carpaccio sauce

Crunch Tuna 12.95

Spicy tuna on crispy rice, topped with jalapeno spicy mayo & unagi sauce

Fresh Chopped Wasabi 3.95



Hot Plates

Edamame 5.50

Boiled soybean in pod

Spicy Garlic Edamame 6.95

Sautéed edamame with garlic butter & kenji seasoning

Shishito Pepper 9.50

Lightly fried Japanese baby peppers with sea salt

Garlic Shyou Shishito pepper 10.95

Sautéed shishito pepper with garlic butter & kenji seasoning

Gyoza 6.95

Deep- fried pork & vegetable dumplings

Tempura Appetizer 9.95 (7pcs)

2pcs shrimp & 5pcs vegetable

Garlic Shoyu Chicken 13.95

Chicken wings with sweet garlic sauce & fries

Spicy Garlic Shoyu Chicken 14.95

Chicken wings with spicy garlic sauce & fries

Chicken Karaage 11.95

Japanese style chicken nugget with jalapeno tartar sauce

Kurobuta Charshu 16.95

Slowly cooked shoyu based porkbelly, mixgreen, sliced onions and jalapeno

Octopus Karaage 12.95

Deep fried baby octopus with jalapeno tartar

Marugoto Ika Teppanyaki 13.95

Grilled whole squid served on a bed of grilled onions with Jalapeño tartar a on sizzling plate

Soft Shell Crab 11.95

Lightly fried prime soft shell cab with kenji onion salsa

Shrimp Ball 10.95

Shrimp and crab mix served with spicy mayo & unagi sauce

Jalapeno Bomb 9.95

Halved jalapeno stuffed with spicy tuna and cream cheese with spicy mayo

Hamachi Kama 13.95

Grilled yellowtail collar with ponzu sauce

Fried Salmon Collar (2pc) 11.95

Deep fried salmon collar with sweet chili sauce

Deep Fried Ika Ring 9.95

Deep fried breaded calamari rings served with sweet chili sauce

Baked Green Mussel 12.95

Baked mussel and enoki mushroom with kenji special baking sauce

Grilled Salmon Collar (2pc) 11.95

Grilled salmon collar with ponzu sauce

Fried Oysters 10.95

Deep fried breaded oysters served with jalapeno tartar sauce

Kushi Yakitori 10.95

Grilled chicken skewer